Email Setup Tutorials

Swiftel email customers – How to setup your or email address on your computer or mobile device. Select your current email operating system below for further directions:

Android 7 (pdf)
Apple iPhone/iOS (pdf)
Mac Mail (pdf)
Outlook 2013 (pdf)
Outlook 2019/Office365 (pdf)
Mozilla Thunderbird (pdf)
Windows 10 Email (pdf)

Swiftel Mail Filter (pdf)

Add your Swiftel e-mail to Gmail:
iPhone/iOS (pdf)
Android (pdf)

Email Server Settings

Incoming Settings (SSL Preferred)
Account Type: POP3 or IMAP
Encryption: SSL(Preferred) or (None)
Port: POP3 995(110) or IMAP 993(143)
Authentication: Username

Outgoing Settings
Port(Encryption): 465(SSL) or 587(TLS)
Authentication: Username