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13 September 2003
Well.  It's true what they say about having a second child, and the moribundity of thvedt.net is evidence.  Fifty-three weeks without any changes.  I've been too tired!  I'm about to abandon my old-fashioned 1990's style web methods, so perhaps there will be more action here.  For now, check out a few new pics on the Family and Home pages.

Johanna just turned one, and she continues to delight us.  Thomas is (nearly all of the time) a terrific big brother.

6 September 2002
Johanna Lynn is here!  More to follow.

4 September 2002
We're getting back into our routine after the long holiday weekend -- but of course, that routine will be shattered any day now.  We're still waiting for the new family member to arrive.

As usual, we went to Box Car Days in Tracy, MN.  Thomas & Tami spent the day on Saturday, and Joseph joined them for Sunday and Monday.  Tami's brother Chris hosted a large gathering on Sunday, with tons of food, volleyball (people thought Tami was nuts for playing), and a mosquito or two.  On Monday Joseph ran the inaugural Box Car Days 5K road race.  His time (20:38) made him wonder if the course was really 5k long.  Naturally, we stayed for the parade, and Thomas took a helicopter ride with Grandma & Traci to top off the day.

On the drive home, Thomas was fascinated by the wind turbines near Lake Benton (look here and here).  They go on for miles & miles.  When we passed by a hill and couldn't see them, he'd say they were hiding.

25 August 2002

The main topic of conversation around here is, of course, the impending arrival of Thomas's new brother or sister.  Just a couple of weeks to go.  We're still scouring the baby name book, trying to come to an agreement.

Tami's doing about as well as can be expected, considering she's 8 1/2 months pregnant, it's August, and we're in South Dakota.  Actually, for the last couple of weeks the weather hasn't been all that unbearable.

Joseph has organized a large relay team for a road race next month.  He's lined up fifteen people, each running 1 mile.  The last two years he's run the same race, only with 5 runners, including Tami last year, running 3 miles each.  Obviously Tami won't be running this year.

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