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Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI)

WHAT IS CPNI? In short, that means all information about any customer that is contained on their account in a telephone company’s records. CPNI is the information that Swiftel gathers about its customer that relates to the customer’s usage of Swiftel’s telecommunications services.

WE’RE COMMITTED. Swiftel and its affiliates are committed to protecting the confidentiality of CPNI. Very often, the information on an account is personal and should remain confidential.  This could include the address of an unpublished phone number, a customer’s Social Security or Driver’s License number, the phone numbers they call long distance, and various other pieces of information.

HOW DOES SWIFTEL KEEP IT CONFIDENTIAL? Swiftel has requested all customers to provide a password for their account and answer three security questions. When you contact Swiftel about your account, the password or security questions are confirmed before releasing any information.

KEEPING INFORMATION SECURE. Swiftel has added a software feature that records every access to every customer’s account.  This will track which employee accessed an account, the information that was viewed and the date/time of the access. In addition, Swiftel will send a letter to you if any of the following actions were recorded on your account: name or mailing address change, password change, security questions or answers change, authorized user change, or if the access to the account required the answer of a security question.

If you haven’t yet set up your account password, need to make a security question change, or simply have questions about CPNI, please visit the Contact Us page.

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