A wireless Local Area Network (LAN) changes the way you connect to networks inside a home or office by enabling network communications to occur over the air. While the end-user benefits include greater mobility and flexibility, wireless LAN also adds many security threats. An unsecured high speed connection is a likely target to these threats, and as a customer, you are responsible for any traffic passing through your network.

Fortunately, new routers are pre-configured with wireless security right out of the box. You also have the option of changing the security settings yourself.

Wireless Security Threats
•    Eavesdropping – An attacker intercepts the transmission over the air from a distance away from the premise, gaining access to privileged data like passwords, credit card numbers, or bank account information.
•    Tampering – An attacker modifies the content of the intercepted data, resulting in a loss of data integrity.
•    Unauthorized Access and Spoofing – An attacker gains access to privileged data and resources in the network by assuming the identity of a valid user.
•    Denial of Service – An intruder floods your network with either valid or invalid messages affecting the speed and bandwidth of your connection.

Wireless LAN Security Options
Use the following option to secure a wireless network:
•    WPA2/WPA3 – Also known as Wi-Fi Protected Access. Designed to enhance security.


Swiftel Communications has wireless routers available for purchase and upon request will assist with installation and configuration of the router.