Troubleshooting TV Service


My TV screen is snowy or black. Confirm that electrical power is connected to both the TV and the STB (Set Top Box), and verify the TV is turned on. Your TV may be set to the wrong Input.

If your TV is connected to the STB using an Input such as HDMI-1 or AV1 then press the Input button on the TV remote and select the correct Input from the list that appears on the TV screen.  For some TVs, you may need to use the TVs original factory remote to get the TV set to the correct input or change the channel.

Once you have your television set to the correct input, you are able to view programming, make sure to push the STB button on the STB remote before changing the channel.

I have no sound, or the sound is garbled. Try switching to another channel and then back, this will usually clear the issue.

I have a picture but cannot change channels or bring up the guide. Press the STB button on the remote then try to change channels or use the guide. Try new batteries in the remote.

If these tips do not help, please contact Swiftel customer support at 605-696-HELP (4357).

One of my streams stopped working, but the other two are working normally. Unplug the STB from the electrical outlet, wait 30 seconds and then reconnect.  You will then see the STB re-boot progress on your television screen.

Pause Live TV and/or the DVR occasionally do not work. Check the location of your STB. Is it in a well ventilated area with at least 2 inches of clearance above the top of the STB?  Is the top of the STB clear with nothing placed on top which would obstruct the air vents? Is the STB plugged directly into an electrical wall outlet or a proper electrical power strip designed for audio/video use?  Should any response be other than “yes”, then correct the condition. If the symptom persists beyond 45 minutes after correcting the STB placement requirement, call Swiftel Customer Support at 605-696-HELP (4357) for assistance.

My system seems to be locked up, it is not responding to any of the buttons on the remote. Remember that this IPTV system uses a different technology than the typical cable system. The commands entered through the remote goes to your STB, which functions like a computer, and then out to the network. If you press multiple buttons, you are entering multiple commands and the processor may become overwhelmed.  If the system is locked up, stop using the remote and give the system some time to catch up.

Reminder: Avoid pressing more than one button on the remote at a time.  Allow the system to respond to each command.

After trying all of the above, you may need to re-boot the STB. Unplug the STB from the electrical outlet, wait 30 seconds and then reconnect. You will then see the re-boot progress on your television screen.

I am not getting a complete channel guide, or I cannot look at programming at future times.  Each time you press the Guide button, the guide will toggle between those options. If you have set up a customized favorites list, that will also appear as you toggle between the options.

When your STB goes through a re-boot process, it takes some time to download the information within the guide.  You will be limited in the time slots you can scan ahead to until the guide is completely reloaded.

If you have tried the suggested steps to resolution of the symptoms listed above and are still having problems, please call Swiftel customer support at 605-696-HELP (4357) and we will be happy to assist you.