Can I record one channel while I am watching another? Yes. With either the Amulet or the Hydra STB (Set Top Box), you can record one program while watching another channel. With the Hydra STB, you can record one channel while watching up to three different channels.

Note: If you have a Hydra and have subscribed to 3 streams, you can watch 3 different programs and record up to 2 programs; however, the TV on stream 1 must watch one of the programs being recorded.

Will the DVR record on more than one TV in my home? Swiftel DVR service comes with the Whole-Home DVR option. This means that a user can initiate a recording and viewing any recordings from any TV in the house.

Does the parental control prevent DVR use? The parental control does not stop the other users from accessing the DVR function, but it will prevent them from viewing any content that is blocked by your parental control settings.

When recording, does the Caller-ID screen remain on the recorded program? No, the on-screen caller ID feature functions separately from any of the DVR functions. On-screen caller ID messages will not be recorded, and if you are watching a recorded program, you will still see any incoming call information.

Can I watch a previously recorded program while recording another or multiple programs? Yes, you can be recording 2 separate programs while watching yet another previously recorded program on your primary stream. Also, the recording will not affect your ability to watch other channels on your streams 2 or 3 (if subscribed).

How do I know how much space is left for recording in my DVR, and what happens when it is full? When you are in the DVR menu, you will see an indicator which will tell you the approximate percentage of your storage space being used.  Note: HD programs take more storage space than standard programming. When the DVR is full and a new recording is requested, the DVR will delete the oldest recorded program unless that program is locked. Programs recorded on the DVR are for short term storage on that DVR only and can not be transferred or saved to other storage media for viewing.