Recommendations for Internet services and your equipment

Router Type Recommended Package
AC750 – AC1200 50Mbps / 5 Mbps
AC1200 – AC2500 120Mbps / 10Mbps
AC3100 and Higher 200Mbps / 20Mbps to GigNet*

* Gigabit ports on equipment are required to reach these speeds

Factors that may affect speed:

  • Wireless vs Hard Wired connection
  • Faulty or Outdated Hardware/Software
  • Computer spyware or viruses
  • Slow connection from the website you are visiting
  • Wireless interference

Wireless Router Information:
Real-world Average Wireless Speeds

G – 20 Mbps*
N – 65 Mbps*
AC – 250 Mbps*

*These speeds are affected by the signal strength and antenna count of your router. Distance from the router, line of sight, and interference from other devices can also affect the signal significantly.

Wireless router speed is commonly listed as a letter/number combination on the Router Specifications like N600, N900, AC1200, or AC1750. The letter refers to the fastest combined wireless technologies the router can broadcast, while the numbers refer to the total combined wireless bandwidth throughput of the router. All wireless routers are backwards compatible with older technologies so a device that has N will still work on an AC router. In this instance, your speeds will only be as fast as your lowest rated device (which would be Wireless N).

Some N routers and all AC routers have two wireless frequencies: 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz

2.4Ghz has more coverage or range but less throughput
5Ghz has more throughput but less coverage or range