When you are serious about prosecuting an offender, Call Trace lets you automatically trace an obscene or threatening phone call and delivers the number to local law enforcement. If the caller has violated South Dakota Codified Law 49-31-31 and you decide to prosecute, the police may use the trace as evidence. Note: Every time you complete a Call Trace, you will be charged, whether or not you follow up with authorities. The traced number will be delivered ONLY to law enforcement.

1. Automatically available on every line at no charge, unless you use it.

2. If you receive a call that you would like to trace,
• Hang up.
• Dial *57 (Rotary 1157).
• You will hear an announcement, “You have accessed the Call Trace Feature.” Cost for a successful trace is $4.00.
• To discontinue the trace, hang up.

3. To continue the trace, dial 1. You will hear an announcement telling you that your trace has been successful and to call local law enforcement for further assistance.