Wire Maintenance Plans

Problem Solver (for landline) – $1.50/month
If you are having trouble with your services and our technicians diagnose that it is caused by your inside wire or jacks, we do the repair and you pay nothing for the service call.

Problem Solver Plus (for TV) – $3.50/month
If you are having trouble with your services caused by your inside wire or jacks up to the Set Top Box (STB), we do the repair and you pay nothing for the service call.


REPAIR CALL 611 or 692-6211

If you have a problem with your inside wiring, you have several repair options:
You can hire us to repair your inside wiring by calling 611. Our trained technicians will check out the phone line between our office and your home or business. If the trouble is caused by our equipment, we will repair at no charge. However, if we diagnose that the trouble is caused by your inside wire, jacks, or equipment, you will be subject to a minimum service call charge. Swiftel Communications is responsible for maintaining and repairing
the lines up to your home, including the telephone line connection point known as the Network Interface Device (NID). If your repair problem is in our line or NID, you will not be billed any repair charge. In the event of malicious or negligent damage, the perpetrator is liable for repair charges. You may subscribe to one of our Wire Maintenance Plans for a small monthly charge. There is no additional charge for repairing your inside wiring or jacks that were working when you joined the plan. Simply call 611.

For more Consumer tips, see pages 6 & 7 of the Swiftel Directory.

Other Terms and Conditions

By applying for service from Swiftel Communications, I agree to follow the rules and regulations as stated in the telephone tariff, price guide and acceptable use policy. Updates to these documents including, but not limited to, rate changes, activation and installation fees, early termination fees and programming changes or deletions made after my service begins will apply to me. The documents are approved and administered by the Brookings Municipal Utilities Board. Copies of these documents are available for review at Swiftel’s office at 415 4th Street in Downtown Brookings.

Home computer network security is the customer’s responsibility; this applies to both wire line and wireless use of Swiftel’s Internet offerings.

Applicant acknowledges that the telephone number assignment made by Swiftel Communications is subject to change if Swiftel determines that the number assigned is not usable. Swiftel will be held harmless if the assigned number is changed.

If my service is disconnected by Swiftel for any reason, I acknowledge and agree to pay any applicable fees to reconnect.

If I am in possession of any Swiftel equipment when my services are disconnected, I will return the equipment or be billed for it at the current Swiftel retail market value at the time of disconnect.  A record of equipment in place will be kept by Swiftel.

If any Swiftel equipment in my possession is lost or damaged for any reason, I agree to assume financial responsibility for that equipment to be billed at the current Swiftel retail market value.

I agree to keep the services selected for the time period stated in the service application. If I am unable to fulfill the time period, I acknowledge I am subject to an Early Termination Fee.

All prices shown are before taxes and surcharges.