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If you have a problem with your inside wiring, you have several repair options:
You can hire us to repair your inside wiring by calling 611. Our trained technicians will
check out the phone line between our office and your home or business. If the trouble is
caused by our equipment, we will repair at no charge. However, if we diagnose that the
trouble is caused by your inside wire, jacks, or equipment, you will be subject to a minimum
service call charge. Swiftel Communications is responsible for maintaining and repairing
the lines up to your home, including the telephone line connection point known as the
Network Interface Device (NID). If your repair problem is in our line or NID, you will
not be billed any repair charge. In the event of malicious or negligent damage, the
perpetrator is liable for repair charges. You may subscribe to one of our Wire
Maintenance Plans for a small monthly charge. There is no additional charge for repairing
your inside wiring or jacks that were working when you joined the plan. Simply call 611.

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