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Hungry for great recipies? Allrecipies Dinner Spinner! Getting dinner
on the table has never been easier. Try the app for recipies on the
go, complete with photos, videos, ratings, and reviews.



Love Candy Crush Saga, but looking for something new? With
fun puzzle challenges, Cookie Jam might just be
your next sweet game addiction!




Not just any flashlight app, Torch LED Light includes great features like clap
or phone flip activation, strobe, timer, and magnifying glass.




Morecast gives you weather forecasts and more. Check out global weather
patterns, see trip-based weather, view weather webcams
and share favorite weather moments.


Is learning a language a bit overwhelming? Try Drops! This app for an easier approach.
You get five-minute “drops” of instruction complete
with fun illustrations.



Medisafe helps you remember to take your required prescriptions as needed.
It gives drug information and reminders about when to take
and refill medications.


Wherever you go, your very own personal emoji- Bitmoji! is there! This fun, free app
allows you to insert your personalized emoji into Gmail, Snapchat, Messenger
and basically anywhere you communicate on the web!



This app is as easy as 1 -2 -3! EasyMeasure shows you the distance to an object (building,
a boat in the distance, the possibilities are endless) through the lens of your
camera on your phone. With its amazing 3D overlay grid, using EasyMeasure
is easy and intuitive!



Vue is a video editor and camera with live filters, montage effects, and stickers. It
makes creating cinematic videos fun and easy!