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Even though everyone says they shop online, there’s nothing like direct communication with another human being.
If you have questions, you get an answer. If you’re wondering if that dress or shirt you see will even fit you, just try it on.
And, you have the peace of mind knowing you’re not entering your personal financial information online; just at a local store.

There’s just something about shopping and physically walking in to a store. You’re greeted by someone; perhaps even the owner.
You know you’re supporting local, which you can feel good about because the money goes right back in to the local economy.
And how about that ecstatic feeling of physically bringing your purchase home that same day! The bring-it-home-today factor
is an advantage over online shopping… and you don’t have to worry about any pesky shipping and handling costs.

Now, shopping online can be convenient too. After all, who hasn’t bought something online? But just remember to support
your local businesses in your city’s downtown or nearest mall. Chances are, a friend or relative can be working at one of
your favorite retail places- and it’s always nice to catch up.

Or, combine both the digital mobile world with local business. Did you know over 80% of local purchases are made with a coupon?
The local phone book, is always a great resource to find what you need, plus they have 3 pages of local and area coupons for anyone
to take advantage of! The newest feature offered by the Swiftel Directory is called PassExpress. It allows these same coupon offers
to notify you when you’re near the business. For more details on this amazing free feature, click here.


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